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food risk & safety


catalysing growth - managing change

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short term business & technology development 

product research & management

business development

regulatory & compliance

non exec & interim support


is the structure of the

knowledge of creativity 

Analytical Chemistry

Optics / Physics

Cell & Protein Biology

Molecular Sciences

Software Engineering


expertise isn't just knowledge it's the power to use it.

Analytical Instrumentation

Optical Engineering

Hight Throughput Screening

Analytical Imaging

Population Screening 


innovation is the heartbeat of progress.

Ophthalmology / Optometry

Pathology / Microbiology

Genetics / Molecular

Dermatology / Endoscopy

Telemetry / Telemed 


success only enables societies growth.

Product Development

Product Research / Mgmt

Team management

C Level Business



Understanding the application

Using Data To Manage Workflows to

Critical workflows exist in most business processes. Automation and optimisation is the single most important improvement you can make to gain commercial advantage or level up the competitive playing field with people who do.

Arbite solutions in data analysis for business and product planning.

Analysing the process (food sciences)

Arbite Business & process analysis flow diagram

High Level

High level analysis simply identifes each step in each process for each product produced. It shows interfaces and inter-operations, allowing

specifications, stakeholders,  resources to be mapped to the process. It is the starting point for any project, any software design and and detailed risk assessment.

Mid Level

Mid-level analysis generates and articulates the risk profiles, data sources and workflows to show how each step in the process is critically linked to the resources and processes defined and available.

Low Level

Low level analysis designs and produces the software (& interfaces) necessary to implement food safety components or complete cloud based end to end systems. 

Assessing the risk

Developing risk analysis reports in manufacturing is time consuming for experts, risky for novices and often highly complex for managers. We have developed online software that makes it quick and easy to carry out high integrity food risk assessment, including, "control parameters", "corrective action interventions" and "product management & recall plans". 

Developing a Product Safety plan

Online HACCP risk Assessment
Online Food Risk Analysis

We have developed and managed concept and sandbox software & services that bring advantage to our customers, safety to their customers and confidence to their regulators.


Industry specific deployment of

HACCP Risk analysis tool using a simple web forms workflow.

HACCP Risk Assessment 1.PNG

A food  safety solutions

Developing and deploying software for food safety systems can be challenging. Merging the requirements of the application, the needs of food safety and engagement with IT specialists can often lead to "project creep". We have off the shelf, modules for risk management, supplier management & audits, product specifications, nutrition databases, ingredient & methods development HACCP pre-requisites, labelling software, batch numbering and control systems, reporting, employee onboarding, manual and automated data collection, we can develop and deploy new modules and reporting systems rapidly. 

Deployment Stage

Food Safety Software Work Order Management
Food Safety Software Product Source & Sustainability

Specification Stage

Food Safety Software
Food Safety Software Measurements
Food Safety Software Methods Development

Developing Applications for Sales

Development and implementation of systems to address specific food safety problems requires a different set of tools and a different prespective. In the examples shown here the specification called for hundreds of simultaneous users buying and selling hundreds of different products with options for online shops, auctions, classified adverts and internal accounts and communication systems.The example show is live and functional at it uses standards modules and methodologies following several user scenarios controlled by several different workflows, it was built on a php framework and is hosted on a elastic container server.  

Sales Web Site WVS 1
Reduced Web Site UKF 2
Web Site 4 Fish
Web Sales Customer Account Management
Web Site for Fish

Developing Applications for process management

Internal applications for food safety are developed to address both simple and complex or critical needs. A handy "Margin Calculator" for food development technicians or a "Food Recall Form" that has a big red panic button leading the user through a clearly defined process of data gathering, reporting and escalation.

Developing Applications for Chains

A scientific review by the Food Standards Agency estimates that around 2.4 million cases of foodborne illness occur every year in the UK

FSA June 2022

Food Safety...  Is it worth the risk ?

Food Risk Software

Mitigating risk is, by its very nature a wholistic task, a broken chain or one with a damaged link will fail. In this day and age a failure of food safety can result in huge costs or a catastrophic failure of the whole business.  Contact us even if you want to bounce an idea around, might be just a phone call or e-mail or the start of a professioal partnership.     

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