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On line and On demand
Risk Analysis

Arbite Zoho Award for Food Safety


Zoho Creator Tech Award Winner in Food Safety 2022

Consulting services for risk assessment and analysis

Discover and report risk following engagement
Software analytics f
or accurate risk analysis and reporting
We develop specifications for product safety
We build software systems for business optimisation

Examples (tip of the iceberg)

  • Food Risk Analysis to better inform regulatory and compliance authorities.

  • Process risk analysis for raw petfood production.

  • Grant reviews and risk on process improvement.

  • Business risk analysis for local fish distribution.

  • Rapid HACCP plans using inhouse software

  • Sales enquiry workflow risk & reward project.

  • Online product purchasing application development.

  • Clinical Risk analysis (blindness).

  • Clinical Risk analysis (Intra cranial pressure).

  • Clinical workflow analysis (telemedicine).

  • Manufacturing Process (production, packing & legal labelling).

  • Internal sales processing.

  • Internal product management software.

  • Internal project management risk systems.

  • Information gathering, analysis and reporting.

  • Software for online auctions and live markets.

  • Business process analysis planning for charitable trust.

A realistic view of risk

Our work is based on accurate discovery of risk in buisness operations. Reporting, regardless of emotional and intangible facts to provide evidence of impact and provide management with the ability to make informed decisions.

If you don't really want the answers, don't ask the questions!

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Risk & Workflow Analysis
is the fastest way to achieve success

Workflow is about following logical routes through an application, rather than random branching and endless menus. Risk and business workflow analysis is about understanding the application and developing systems that deliver and leverage a commercial advantage. 

A simple HACCP workflow determines the best route through the system that the software modules will follow. 

ref. waveney valley foods

HACCP Workflow
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