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Food Safety Systems

From concept to solution

Developing components with form tools  

The food safety systems we have developed comprise dozens of modules linked together via a workflow engine. The modules include most of the components used in modern food manufacturing and the workflow engine drives data and users between the modules. It is a fast, efficient and safe way of implementing a solution for a specific problem or a complete application.

Having designed hundreds of forms, databases, reports and graphics we can design and deploy robust solutions which can work as temporary or permanent solutions.

Workflow 2.png

Developing applications with workflow

Modular Food Safety Software Design

Whether developing a simple application to manage an internal work process, or an entire workflow to manage an end to end production or development processes the analytical approach is similar.

1) Understand and articulate the application

2) Develop and agree the specification

3) Rapidly produce the components

4) Enable the connectivity and data sharing

5) Load the production data sets

6) Stress test the application

7) Iterate and re-iterate

8) Deploy and arrange access control

9) Train users

10 Measure and improve

Example - Inbound Product Form


1) User

2) Time and Date

3) Supplier Code & Reference

4) Verification check

5) Source & Sustainability information

6) Qty & Unit of Measure

7) Price record

8) Inbound Temperature

9) Visual Inspection

10) Comments / Observation

11) Image Upload

12) Sign off (Legal Record)

Food Safety System Automated Email Notification
Food Safety Software Product Traceability Form
Automated Food Safety Software

Example - Email Notification

In this example a notification is automatically sent from the server to selected recipients to notify arrival and certification of inbound product. In this case the internal batch code is automatically added.

Example - Summary Record

An essential information report is produced for the production department to let them know that this product is now in stock and available for downstream processing

 Food Safety Inbound Product Summary Record
Automated Food Safety Software
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