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Set Up / Start Up

To ensure any business success, there are rules and processes that apply. Follow them and you are likely to succeed - ignore them and you are likely to fail.

They are called "The Determinants of Success".

Every part of what we do is informed by this strategy.

Determinants of Success
Business Meeting


The Determinants of Success

  • Market Demand (MD): Higher market demand generally leads to greater success.

  • Capital (C): Adequate funding is crucial for covering startup costs and sustaining operations.

  • Management Experience (ME): Experienced and well trained management can navigate challenges more effectively.

  • Business Model Viability (BMV): A robust business model ensures long-term sustainability.

  • Marketing Effectiveness (MKE): Effective marketing attracts customers and drives sales.

  • Operational Efficiency (OE): Efficient operations reduce costs and improve profitability.

  • Customer Satisfaction (CS): Satisfied customers are likely to be repeat buyers and promote the business.

  • Economic Environment (EE): Favorable economic conditions support business growth.

  • Legal Compliance (LC): Adherence to regulations avoids legal issues and fines.

  • Innovation Capability (IC): Ability to innovate keeps the business competitive.

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Each of the 10 determinants of success are quantifiable and each improves the probability that the project will succeed. We coach, consult and train on business development techniques that mitigate risks and optimise potential.  


We work for and with Individuals, Investors, Corporate Orgnisations, Charities, Professional Advisers, and Local Government to help businesses succeed.  


The Start up Business Environment

The business ecosystem in which the start up operates is an important component of success. Aligning the needs of the stakeholders, the funding and support intstitutions and leveraging business specific resources can all positively impact on the outcome.

  • Stakeholders

  • Institutions

  • Business Specific Resources

A healthy start-up ecosystem is vital for fostering innovation, economic growth, and competitive advantage. We define the steps and processes involved to help in planting the seeds for future growth.

Business Group

Developing personal and professional skills that allow businesses to develop.

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Funding & Finance

The lifeblood of the start up and a significant component of success or failure is the financial fitness of the organisation. A good understaning of fundraising and finance, the sources and the applications, the forecasting of cash demand and the philosophy of the financial markets allhave a bearing on the effectiveness of the management team.

Providing knowledge, experience and support to better understand finance in modern business. Advice & training on funding through grants, soft money, investment, and traditional methods. To work with professional accounting services to deliver strong skill sets.

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A major point of failure in any new business venture is the human factor. Training, knowledge, experience & psychometry are all tools that address key strengths and weaknesses in any business plan.

Chatting Over Coffee

Building a modern business requires a management skill set we provide coaching & consulting and training building teams and effective individuals.

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Preparing to Suceed

The "Checklist of success" is not complete without detailed preparation, knowledge and research of the ecosystem. 


  • Industry Sector Analysis

  • Government and Related Agencies

  • The role of legal advisers

  • Business Registration Processes

  • Regulatory & Compliance in Controlled Businesses

  • Working with Accountants and Finance Professionals

Business Owner
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